The distinctive and interactive approach that characterizes the Urban Progress Alliance (UPA) allows our clients to access services that aid them in rebuilding their own community, creating a solid structure and quality standard of living: all  within a sustainable framwork.


UPA Works together with citizens of the community, investors, business owners, and affiliated organizations to create a synergetic force to make community stabilization and advancement possible.

UPA works with business owners and entrepreneuers to discover partners capable of providing valuable information, advice and resources that allow for business development and growth in the community. See our Community Directory for a list of trusted local businesses and resource partners in Tampa. Click here for an overview of our Business Services. 

Tenacious and empowered described the commitment the UPA has towards both the physical redevelopment and the socio-economic redevelopment of our community. Through numerous community outreach programs, UPA is proving to be a true community leader by providing resources and effective alternatives to low and moderate income families and individuals. Click here for an overview of our Community Services. 

UPA believes that the most important part of any community is based off of the idea of family. Our goal is to provide services that allow families in the community to have a solid foundation and support system. Click here for an overview of our Family Services. 

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